Naturally by Denise/ Denise Wandt/  Artist

Art has always been a part of my life. For as long as I can remember, it has always been my passion to create, to learn and to share.

My mission:


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The road of a Self taught Artist:

It all started at an early age with coloring, painting, putting together scenes with rocks and twigs, or building cute houses and furniture for my dolls. In school, I could always be found in the Art room working on something.
Other than school Art and a few random classes, I am what you would call a self taught Artist.
Every day is a new adventure for me that is what I love about Art!
It is spontaneous. It is like going on a Journey, I just choose a road and follow it and see where you end up. I never quite know, when I start a new piece, what it will become. I just let my ideas happen. There is no plan.

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere!
If an idea pops into my mind, I try it.
I have worked with mosaic, stained glass, Batik, painting, building rustic furniture and many other mediums.
One of my favorite things to do is recycle and alter found items. Bits and pieces that I find out in the woods or at the beach, Broken China, and fun "Stuff" that I find at a garage sale or flee markets.

From nature: I create beautiful shell art, wall sculptures or wreaths, made of Shells, driftwood, even seaweed. There are also whimsical Woodland Characters, Santa's and Angels from driftwood. Rustic furniture, including, chairs, tables and other whimsical pieces.
Garden art: such as rustic bird houses, garden signs, or whimsical birds and fish that swim in the flowers.

Poetry, music and life are a great source of new ideas, where painting, mosaics and recycling are sometime all mixed together to create some beautiful mixed media pieces.