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Handmade Mermaid ornament - HALIA
Handmade Mermaid ornament - HALIA
Mixed Media
12" X 3"

Introducing HALIA, -SOLD
In Greek mythology she was the personification of sea salt, a sea nymph native to the Isle of Rhodes (sometimes believed to be one of the indigenous Rhodian gods) and the favourite of Poseidon.

She is a beautiful Handmade Mermaid with her sparkly bejewelled tail and her long flirty and beaded locks.
Her head and body are made of wood and wire covered with felt so, she can be posed in different positions. Each sparkly glass bead is sewn on by hand and she has a loop decorated with matching wooden beads so you can hang her anywhere and watch the sun catch and sparkle off of her bright beaded accessories. She measures 12 inches from the top of her head to the end of he tail and the loop to hang her up with is another 6 inches. HALIA would love to be your special Mermaid friend and good luck charm.
HALIA is NOT recommended as a toy for small children, she is meant more for a decorative ornament for any Mermaid lover or under the sea decor.