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Sea Shell frame
Memories of a Day at the beach
Sea shell Frame
Mixed Media
12" X 14"

Welcome to my Beach series, a collection of work inspired by walks on the beach.
I love to walk beside the Ocean, the sand, the waves lapping up, dropping off little treasures and taking some away.
While strolling on the beach, if you look closely there is so much to discover. A multitude of treasures just waiting to be picked up and added to a piece of driftwood, a wreath, or made into a beautiful picture frame to bring the feel of the ocean into any house.

Memories of a day at the beach
This beautiful frame measures 12" X14" and is adorned with Bits and pieces that I have found on a wonderful stroll along the beach. It does have a 5" X 7" vintage print that can be replaced with your own special photo.